About me

Who am I?

Originally from Katowice in Upper Silesia, I live now for over 30 years in Germany. Stederdorf is my adopted home for more than 10 years. Many of my photographs are taken here while walking my dog. If time permits - I am employed and have a family- so I photograph also very fond of the sea and in the mountains. Every photographer needs a vision. My vision as a photographer is to convey the mood that I experience during my forays into nature through my senses: it is the joy of a morning breeze in the spring at sunrise, the astonishment about the color itself mirrored in the clouds light of the rising sun or the surprise how good can smell a freshly plowed field. These beautiful moments I want to share with the viewers of my photographs. Some photographs may seem oversaturated or unnatural. My goal, however, it is not to photograph the reality but to create a mood. To this end, my photos are digitally processed. It is also important to mention that I am wearing glasses. My glasses has in UV radiation a more or less pronounced bluish tint. For this reason I take the world true sometimes influenced by this color. This then is also reflected in my pictures again. My means of realizing my vision is to produce captivating and astonishing images. The selection of my equipment - be it the camera, the lenses, or the software - is based on this goal. At the end of the photographs are the result of many hours of hard work, that have preceded many learning steps.

My Fine Art Prints

In order to reach my goal -crafting astonishing photographs-, I work with high quality (digital) photographic equipment, current software, fine photographic papers and color-rich age-resistant pigment inks. At the end of their crafting they are real Fine Art Prints and they will last over many decades without loosing their primary color brilliance and quality. For framed photographs I give a lifetime warranty: If a framed photography has a defect, which is attributable to the production or the quality of the materials used, so I will replace the photograph at any time for free. Since I am convinced of the quality of my photographs, every buyer has a one-year right of return from the date of purchase if not satisfied.

The portfolio in front of you provides a "temporal" and thematic cross-section of my photographic work since 2006. I have a lot of time not only used a to make "good" photo but also a hand crafted quality artistic product which you can enjoy again and again. All my photographs are supplied mounted in a mat either unframed or in a high quality wooden frame from sustainable production here in Germany. The pictures can be ordered in the following formats:

  • DIN A4 (Passepartout 30x40cm; 33x43cm frame approx)

  • DIN A3 (Passepartout 40x60cm; 43x63cm frame approx)

  • DIN A2 (Passepartout 50x70cm; 53x73cm frame approx)

They production will take about one week. The delivery time depends on your location. Other sizes are also possible.

If you are interested in buying one or more images, please send me an email [mailto: adam [at] dream landscape [dot] com] (prices on request).

The fine art prints are fixed in a mount with a (naturally acid-free and aging-resistant) adhesive. The framing can be done yourself or you can ask a specialized frame shop. If a picture is framed, so I strongly recommend the use of fabric gloves, to avoid damaging the Passepartous by fingerprints or welding (discoloration). The Passepartous are cut on purpose a little wider. So they should fit into any frame 30x40cm. If this is not the case, the Passepartous can be trimmed with a (sharp) scissors safely. My (real) wood frames are available - in the size 40 × 30cm - in the following versions: painted black, painted light gray, lacquered white, anthracite varnished, Abachi nature, natural spruce, mahogany nature, Aspe nature. Because of their great appearance, I recommend only the natural frames.